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This week we began the last stages of making an 80cm Galileo in Britannia Blue, painting a Mint Green Galileo, and finishing up a 50cm Britannia again in Britannia Blue.

Kirsty & Sam are working

We are hiring : Woodworker Wanted 2 – 3 Days p/w


- Please do not come to our studio to apply, applications by email only -

We are bespoke globe-makers running a small artisan company in London. We also design and build bases of all shapes and sizes

Britannia Blue :: 50cm Floor Standing Globe


We have brought back our original colouring from the the first series of globes we made. When Peter started making globes, he started with the 50cm Britannia, in Olive and what we now call Britannia Blue.

The Livingstone Desk Globe : Mediterranean Turquoise : 36cm Diameter

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We are in love with this bespoke coloured 36cm Livingstone Desk Globe in a lovely shade of Mediterranean turquoise.

Other shades available include Prussian Blue, Cool Blue, Ochre, Reed Green, and Mint

The Albion36 in Turquoise


The 36cm Albion Desk Globe is now available in Turquoise. With a matte finish, the hand painted globe spins 360 degrees freely by hand in a fluid motion.
Pictured here with an Oak base & a solid Aluminium

Made By Hand : Bellerby & Co on KCET (Link TV) : May 2016

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"In an age of mass production, we have lost touch with where products come from, how they are made, and the quality and care an individual can take to make a product. As part of Link TV's Global Perspectives, "Made

The Hidden Histories of Globes Made By Women

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There is a great article that recently came out, written by Grayson Perry, "Are Computers Killing Craft, Not a Chance", Perry touches on the relevance of craft in the information age... and the relevance

Atlas Obscura : May 2016

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Lovely article out today on one of our favourite blogs / online magazines : Atlas Obscura.

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This Week In Instagram…….


This week we are working on starting a new 80cm Galileo, painting a Galileo, starting a 50cm Britannia, glossing another finished 50cm Britannia. Josh is starting a base for a 127cm sized globe in a new

AD Germany : May 2016

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We are in this months Architectural Digest (Germany)


Unknown Land

"The world. How do you like me. Colours, the base and even can the lettering (cartography) of the 23cm small table-globes can

Colours : Choosing a Globe by Colour


Roundup of all colours of globes in our collection along with choices in metal and wood bases.

If you want to see more of a colour or have questions, feel free to request more photos and details via

Mint Green: The Mini Desk Globe


Mint Green has long been a favourite for the larger sized globes, a rich deep Mint has dominated the 80cm Galileo & 127 Churchill orders.... and now we have a special Mini Desk Globe version available

FAQ, Customisation & Personalisation Options

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Our website is long overdue for an overhaul & re-design to be a lot clearer on what can be done as far as personalisations and custom orders. Please see below for some commonly asked questions:

This Week In Instagram……


Through the Instagram lens… here is what we have been up to this week...

Sam & Kirsty working on Mini Desk Globes.. finishing up & starting painting of an 80cm Galileo in Mint Green &

VO+ Jewellery Lifestyle Magazine, Dubai: Spring Summer 2016



PDF of whole magazine here: 2016_137_VO+_Dubai

VO+ MAGAZINE looks to the future by continuing to provide information on products, trends, emerging markets and the latest news so that

The Sunday Times : Objects Of Desire

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We were in the Sunday Times Travel Section this last Sunday the 17th of April, 2016.

Each week Chris Haslam chooses an "Object of Desire" from around the world, this week just down the road to our

New Work With Yinka Shonibare MBE : Globe-Heads

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 18.36.47

We made more  bespoke "globe-heads" for recent work by Yinka Shonibare MBE.

Globes by: Bellerby & Co Globemakers
Ibeji (twins) Riding a Butterfly

Dimensions: 265 x 235 x 105 cm

Pangea Globe : Bellerby & Co Globemakers


Pangea Globe!We were commissioned to make a globe of Pangea back in November 2015. I contacted @Massimo.Pietrobon after seeing a map of Pangea he made that went quite viral back in 2013. He kindly agreed



Through the Instagram lens… here is what we have been up to this month…

Pangea globe in progress.. Sam & Kirsty working on Mini Desk Globes.. finishing up & starting painting of an 80cm

Mini Desk Globes : New Colours & Illustrations


We now are offering our 23cm Mini Desk Globes in Mint Green as well as Prussian Blue.

The minty mint sea-foam green is somewhere between our turquoise & prussian blue... it has a really beautiful