Big balls around the world…

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Here at Bellerby and Co we make some pretty amazing fifty-inch globes. But we aren't the only ones who like things big. Here are our favourite big balls around the world.
1. Eartha :: the world's largest

Our ever-changing wonderful world..

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We over here at Bellerby and Co are always learning new things about the world. Creating our own maps... hand painting the details and stretching the gores slowly piece by piece.. we still see new things

Spin, Flip and Look at the World in a Different View

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Awhile back Peter did a radio interview with Monocle - ch-check it out below.

Chatting about how a globe allows you to see everything accurately.. how they put the world into perspective... and show

Into The Studio with Jamie McGregor Smith

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The Two of Wands

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As more blogs pop up daily sharing our globes, we continue to enjoy the various stories they bring. Never did we expect to see ourselves in The Tarot Room but what a lovely entry it is...

SO.. on

Lost in Translation :: Japanese to English :: A Poem

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A Japanese blog called Ach & Pfui posted a little write up about Pete and Bellerby & Co which translates online as below. Are they really calling Peter an old man? Will have to get a second opinion...

Who needs a ring when you can propose with a globe?

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Very cute engagement story in Rock n Roll Bride. Congrats to the happy couple!

I’d Give You The World…

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With London gearing up for what seems to be another week of gorgeous summer weather, it seems insane to start thinking about Christmas and Hanukkah.... BUT... as our first enquiries start coming in, we