Big balls around the world…

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Here at Bellerby and Co we make some pretty amazing fifty-inch globes. But we aren't the only ones who like things big. Here are our favourite big balls around the world.
1. Eartha :: the world's largest

Our ever-changing wonderful world..

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We over here at Bellerby and Co are always learning new things about the world. Creating our own maps... hand painting the details and stretching the gores slowly piece by piece.. we still see new things

Spin, Flip and Look at the World in a Different View

Awhile back Peter did a radio interview with Monocle – ch-check it out below.

Chatting about how a globe allows you to see everything accurately.. how they put the world into perspective… and show you something that is missed in flat maps.

Also how with the roller bearings he thinks his new way of doing something so traditional has been forced it into the 21st century. Finally a globe that moves freely in any direction… making a globe more interactive. Plus the spinning really allows you to de-stress and plan your next holiday at the same time 😉

As Pete says…. he likes how with Bellerby and Co globes… no one will ever have one of the same… they are all one-off works of art… handmade products that mean something.

Into The Studio with Jamie McGregor Smith

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Who needs a ring when you can propose with a globe?

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Very cute engagement story in Rock n Roll Bride. Congrats to the happy couple!

I’d Give You The World…

With London gearing up for what seems to be another week of gorgeous summer weather, it seems insane to start thinking about Christmas and Hanukkah…. BUT… as our first enquiries start coming in, we ourselves are thinking we should consider planning ahead for once as well? Or perhaps at least start dropping hints.

Anyway… we are pleased to say we can offer free engraving on all festive orders and if you order early enough we can chat about doing super personalised bespoke orders (make it truly your world ay ay).

Globes make for a wonderful present for your boss, a bonus for senior management, personal gift for anyone well-travelled or something the person who ‘has everything’ doesn’t have. The Mini Desk Globes are a needed accessory for a fine desk, while the Classic Globes are a must have for anyone with a library. Both small and large Globes are just perfect for those who appreciate one-off and handmade items.

Choose your colour scheme, whether you prefer a modern or classic design, think of a inscription to add, which base you prefer.. and wallah best and most impressive – thought through – personalised gift – EVER.

We ship around the world. For more information on engraving, designing your own globe and shipping time and costs please contact us on or phone + 44(0) 20 8800 7235.