Globo TV Interview

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Did you catch the news story about us on Globo TV?

Well don't despair, we have it HERE!

Brazil's biggest news station came for a visit. A nice interview with Peter in English and then Isis

Cartography’s Top 5 Sea Monsters

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Sea monster accounts are found in virtually all cultures that have contact with the sea. Van Duzer’s book Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps, published earlier this year, explores how medieval

We Love :: Google Watercoloured

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Geodata doesn't have to be ugly. Stamen Design’s watercolored maps make Google Maps look flat and tired.

Here you have Watercolour punched through by satellite imagery from MapBox. We watercolour

On The Map…

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Some time ago Peter met up with Simon Garfield who wanted to write a chapter on him in On The Map: Why the world looks the way it does.

Maps fascinate us. They chart our understanding of the world and

Celestial ….

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The celestial globe is a three-dimensional map of the stars, and has been used since classical times. The stars were thought to sit on the surface of a giant sphere around the Earth, and the constant movement

101,000 views of The Globemaker!

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Wow we can't believe it. Over 100,000 people have now seen Peter Bellerby - The Globemaker. The little 6 minute film by Cabnine has gotten such positive feedback (besides from a few sad souls on Reddit

Globe exhibition in Israel

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Not posting about our own globes? How can it be. Well whilst out and about it seems our friends and family always seem to want to share the globes they see elsewhere around the world.

Spending a bit

Instagram a day in the life of…

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You can follow the every day lives of the Globemakers here at Bellerby and Co HERE.

Pete... usually the shy one got talked into doing another photoshoot in the workshop.. this time with the amazing

Cut from the same cloth….

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We've just collected a Curve base from Aston Martin where they were working on a few of their vintage cars alongside our pieces.
The Curve is a stunning centrepiece designed by the team

Churchill goes for a spin..

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It may come as no surprise but the most difficult globes we make... are the Churchill Globes.

We have been working on a commission for months but it is coming along smoothly so far. Here we are giving

Wired Magazine says we are the coolest..

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Click here to read the article via Wired Magazine.

Happy Endings, Hugo

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Like the doting proud parents we are... we had to go see how a couple of our favourite globes have settled into their new home and surroundings. The globes that were featured in the Martin Scorsese film Hugo now

Harrods Window :: Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition

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We were excited to see our globe featured in the window at Harrods for Wallpaper* Magazines Handmade Exhibition. While you are at Harrods don't forget to pay our Mini Desk Globes a visit inside as well.

The Birthplace of Our Brass Meridians

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Our favourite photographer Hal Shinnie went up to the foundry in Derbyshire where the brass meridians for our Classic Globes are hand-casted.

This amazing space looks how a foundry would have a