Der Spiegel :: Kleine Welt

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Nice to see this lovely article on Bellerby & Co in Der Spiegel today! Rough translation....

Bellerby's workshop isn't big, but worlds fit inside. They are on the tables and on the floor and

Wyld’s Great Globe

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60 feet and 4 inches in diameter ‘Wyld’s Great Globe’ was truly a wondrous fabrication that we only just discovered! You know how we love huge globes.....

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Forbes Christmas List, Winter 2013

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Thanks Forbes for including us on your 'What You Should Know Winter 2013 / 2014' list in America!

Today in Instagram

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What’s the best way to flatten a globe?

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The Cahill Butterfly (left) and Dymaxion Map (right) projections. Which do you prefer?

We lean towards the world according to Cahill.... it is beautiful and there is practically no distortion along

Sneak Peek :: The Big Egg Hunt :: New York City :: Easter 2014

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We are excited again to be part of the Big Egg Hunt. This time it is in one of our very favourite cities … New York!

The eggs sold at auction raise a lot of money for Action for Children -