The Wall Street Journal

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We are in the Wall Street Journal today! The Big Egg Hunt starts tomorrow! Waahhay!

Big Egg Hunt NYC Update

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Check us out in Departures Magazine or online HERE.

We will be there for the Sotheby’s auction on April 26th when all of the egg with be auctioned off to benefit two charities: The Elephant Family,

How To Spend It

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Pick up a copy of The Financial Times today and you'll find a lovely two page spread in How To Spend It featuring The Churchill Globe.

The Churchill globe sits on a rolled base made from hand-turned

This Week In Instagram

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Birthday Globe

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Two nice things happened on Sunday. One.... the sun came out and we were able to catch a tan on Church Street with a nice glass of wine. Two... a lovely family surprised the man of the house with a globe

Celestial Globe

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This week we say goodbye to the beautiful celestial globe we have been working on for the past few months. The design itself has been YEARS in the making so it is great to see the finished product. The

Weekend Magazin Deluxe

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It's tough to compete with Megan Fox but here we are in a Swiss-Austrian weekend deluxe magazine about fashion and design. Translations are as always welcome!

Global Picks :: World Book Day

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In honour of World Book Day... here are our top picks for 2014.

1. On The Map : Why The World Looks The Way It Does

From the early sketches of philosophers and explorers through to Google Maps

Der Weltkugelmacher

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For our German-speaking friends - be sure and watch us on TM Wissen - a beautifully shot short documentary that recently aired on Servus TV.

Ganz schön mutig ist der britische Geograf Peter Bellerby: