Financial Times : How To Spend It

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Check out the Coppa Mini Desk Globe in the Financial Times gift guide this month.

Last Week In… Instagram!

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Bellerby & Co meet Deutsche Welle

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Very exciting. Last night Deutsche Welle aired a news segment about our little team at Bellerby & Co. Martin Herzog spends the day in our studio and also accompanies Peter for the delivery of a beautiful

Show Me Yours

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Today we launched an Instagram challenge - we want to see your globe in your home or office. Shoot us a beautiful photo and tag it something like "Look at my awesome #globe @globemakers" so we see it!

In the Studio with TS Chang!

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The very first Instagrammer we had the pleasure of meeting was the brilliant TS Chang. He opened the door that led us to meeting many more amazing people.. we are so happy he made the trip out to our

In The Studio With Gareth Pon

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This week we had the pleasure of meeting Gareth Pon; Photographer, film maker and Africas #1 Instagrammer. Check out his website, his lovely post about us <here>, and follow him @garethpon.

This Week In…. Instagram!

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Isis working on a 80cm Curve and Jon on a Celestial Livingstone. Isis is moving around the studio as things heat up, eventually we all moved back outside!



Travel + Magazine, China


We've finally made our way over to China! Check us out in Travel + Magazine.

Google Translate is doing the article no justice... a snippet : "the globe can embark on the journey of the moment to