Mini Desk Globe : Albion Editions

Our new Mini Desk Globes are paired with beautifully handcrafted bases in London Plane, Zebrano and Bubinga wood. The three Albion editions have a retro feel with small aluminium feet along with the edition number set on a disk within the base. A further disc can be added with a personalised engraving.

The woods used are sustainably resourced from managed forests, or sourced from within the UK (plane).

For information please call us on + 44(0) 20 8800 7235 or email on –

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L1170168 L1170183

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L1170225 L1170228

L1170249 L1170256

L1170271 L1170274

Damaged Goods.. TBT

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 16.22.55

Once upon a time we sent a globe to New York, thank you Royal Mail for sticking a forklift through the box.

In the Studio with Tom Bunning

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.20.46

Check out these beautiful photos taken by London based portrait photographer, Tom Bunning. They are part of his 'Crafted' series, a celebration of British craftsmanship.

Over the coming months Tom

This Week In Instagram…..

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This is what we have been working on this week! To follow us on Instagram —-> HERE.

An engraved personalised brass arm that will be going on a Livingstone… we received a copy of the craft

Upside Down in Brazil

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Some time ago we were tasked with creating a bespoke world globe that would put Brazil up top... after much work turning the cartography around (sounds easier than it is!) we are happy to see the 80cm

This Week in Instagram………

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This is what we have been working on this week! To follow us on Instagram —-> HERE.

We are working on a new style of hand crafted bases for our Mini Desk Globes... Isis is multitasking with lots

Departures Magazine & The Reserve Asia, Fall 2014

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Check us out Departures Magazine, Fall 2014 Home & Design issue. Departures is the definitive source for the world's best high-end travel, fashion, shopping, art, culture and more....


Hospodarské Noviny ::

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This week we were excited to receive a copy of Why not?! which is a lifestyle supplement of the Czech financial newspaper Hospodarské Noviny. This feature on Bellerby & Co was included in the June

Illustrated Globe

One of my favourite globes we have made – this bespoke one-of-a-kind ochre Livingstone includes hand drawn illustrations by Stuart Patience.

photo 4 photo 2 copy

photo 1 copy photo 3