This Month In…. Instagram!

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Chloe was in the week working on Mini Desk Globes. Christmas decor went up... holiday parties were had along with possibly lazier days than usual in recovery.

Instagram sent us our very first presents

The Mini Desk Globe : Now In Champagne


Stylish, high quality and crafted by hand; the mini desk globe was created to offer a smaller, contemporary piece, with our distinctive attention to detail. A heavy 5lb globe sits on a crafted wooden or

Mini Desk Globe Seen on The Apprentice……… in Lord Alan Sugar’s Office!

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We were so pleasantly surprised to see a Bellerby & Co Mini Desk Globe in Lord Alan Sugar's Office on the last episode of the Apprentice! You can watch Season 10, Episode 13, "Why I Fired Them" on

We Love :: Watercolour Maps & Architectural Illustrations by Anne E. McGraw

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Anne E (Summit Ridge Studio) keeps catching our eye, her love of maps shines through on every work of art she creates. She studied architecture and you can see the precision is each print.

Time Out London :: Katie Dailey Tries Her Hand at a Long-Lost Craft

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We are in today's Time Out Magazine London, pick up your free copy and turn to page 47-48!

Click on images below to read article / see the bigger picture.

We are looking for an apprentice.

We Love :: The Ferris Wheel at La Place Bellecour à Lyon

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Place Bellecour is a large square in the centre of Lyon, France... it is one of the largest open square (i.e. without any patches of greenery or trees) in Europe, and the third biggest square

This Week In…. Instagram!

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This week we are still working away on the Reed Green Galileo. Featuring its own unique colour system, the deep hues are created with many watercolour washes painted by hand in our London studio...

We Love :: Montpellier This Christmas

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Update :: we were interviewed re our posts about this lovely globe :: in La Gazette!


If you find yourself in Montpellier France this time of year.... be sure to head down to Place