Press Roundup :: The City Magazine, Departures Russia & Vogue Russia, Makeshift Magazine

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A little press roundup of press articles featuring our globes that i found today!

Vogue Espana, February 2015 - i'm not sure if this made it into a print edition as well but was pleased to find this

This Week In…. Instagram!

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The sun is out and the days have gotten longer, which is good as we are super busy and at least we can eat lunch outside and keep the doors open and fresh air flowing in.

Jon finished goring an 80cm

In The Studio With Alun Callender

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Photography by Alun Callender for Homes & Antiques Magazine, April 2015.

Alun shoots portraits and features for editorial, design and advertising clients. He travel extensively, working on location

This Week In…. Instagram!

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Long before there were planetariums or advanced technologies available for studying the sky, people devised ways of depicting the sun, moon, planets, and stars in relation to the Earth. There was a desire

Cats Love Globes, You Should Too

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Here we bring together the internets largest collection of "Globe & Cat" photos in the world! All images found on Instagram and are credited at the bottom of the post. To send us your

Cultural & Creative Life Magazine, Taiwan (文創Life) :: April 2015

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We are in this months Cultural & Creative Life Magazine, Taiwan (文創Life) April 2015 -

Photo by @GarethPon

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In Magazine :: April 2015

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In Magazine has featured us in their April Issue as one of their "favourites" -

In Magazine is the inflight magaznie for Lan Airlines - if you are not familiar with them they are a South American Airline

We Love :: Walk Among Worlds

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Installation of 7,000 inflatable beach balls - Maximo Gonzalez
In the installation "Walk among worlds" the artist (Mexico City–based Argentine artist Máximo Gonzáles) explores the effects of light