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Last week Pete made a 50cm Britannia which Isis has been painting. The Britannia was the first in the Bellerby & Co. collection, and is a beautiful, freestanding globe; offering a fine spin with

Eldorado Experience Magazine Three :: Sailing The Arctic


We just received a copy of the gorgeous limited edition magazine, Eldorado Experience. The third issue follows the adventure of the sailboat Sterna in a unique voyage to the end of the world.

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Kirsty is starting to work on the water-colouring side of things as well as cool blue Mini Desk Globes, with help of George at times.

Isis working on a Gagarin, Jon making final touches on a Zebrano

Albion Desk Globe :: Brass Edition

The latest addition to our Mini Desk Globe range.

The Albion is now available in solid brass. The base features the same innovative roller bearing mechanism as our other desk globes permitting 360 degree rotation in all directions.

The base comes with your choice of 23m handcrafted & hand-painted terrestrial or celestial globe. We offer a range of colours and as each globe is made to order, the added personalisation options are endless.

For further information or to commission your globe, call us on + 44(0) 20 8800 7235 or email || our main website is

brass-turquoise brass-cool-blue brass-charcoal

Handmade London, Part 2


Last year we took part in Julian Love's project, Handmade London.

"Handmade London showcases some of the capital’s expanding artisan scene. Increasingly disillusioned with the mass-produced goods

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Isis & Jon finished up a 80cm Galileo, Kirsty continued training and making Mini Desk Globes, and Pete made a base for an 80cm globe that can spin on ball bearings like our Mini Desk Globes which

If Earth Were The Size of This Globe… via UX.Blog

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Original blog post by John Nelson on UX Blog.
So if Earth were actually the size of this 127 cm diameter globe (and that by dragging my hands along its surface I would not be destroying a soft dusty lava

Today In The Studio :: Working on a 80cm Galileo Hand Painted World Globe

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 14.36.21

The Galileo is based on the design of the famous Blaeu globe, our modern version of the antique masterpiece hosts a up-to-date map with added bespoke cartography, it is available in the traditional Terrestrial