Colours : Choosing a Globe by Colour

Roundup of all colours of globes in our collection along with choices in metal and wood bases below and click for PDFs.

23cm Mini Desk Globes | 23cm Globe Colours and Bases 2018

36cm Livingstone | Colour Options Livingstone

36cm Albion | 36cm Albion Colours and Bases 2018

50cm and 80cm Floor Standing Globe | 50cm-and-80m-Britannia-Galileo

80cm Modern Bases : 800.Curve-TriBases

The 23cm and 36cm Albion PDF’s are also a good idea of colouring for the Albion 50, Albion 80, Curve, Tri and Churchill or any other globe that you choose a matte finish on.

Any colour you see on any size globe can be adapted to any other size or style of globe. There may just be a small price difference from those listed on our main website.

One helpful thing to look at is the “land-shading” vs the “ocean-shading” .. with land shading we shade around the coasts inland (Mint Green, Ochre) and with ocean shading we shade around the coast in the ocean leaving the land minimally painted (Britannia Blue, Prussian Blue, Turquoise). You can also request the reverse of this.

Globes that are glossed (Livingstone, Britannia, Galileo) will show the colours in a different way from those with a matte finish (Mini Desk Globes, Albion 36, Albion 50, Albion 80, Curve, Churchill).

Every globe is hand painted with hand mixed colours – so colours can every so slightly vary. Your globe is being made bespoke just for you & will always in some way be unique.

If you want to see more of a colour or have questions, feel free to request more photos and details via –

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Prussian Blue (Featured : 36 Livingstone glossed – special cities highlight in claret)

36livingstone-cherry-prussianblue-personalisation9 36livingstone-cherry-prussianblue5

Prussian Blue (Featured : 36cm Albion MATTE)

ZebranoPBPB Ali

50cm Britannia in Maine Blue beside a 36cm Livingstone in Ochre

50.britannia.galileobase.marineblue5 (1)

80cm Galileo in Glacial Blue

80.galileo.oak.glacial2 80.galileo.oak.glacial7

Land-shaded Prussian Blue (36cm Livingstone)


Regency Blue (80cm Galileo – bespoke stain)


80cm Cool Blue Albion on Walnut Base & 23cm Standard Cool Blue



Cool Blue (Featured : 36cm Albion Desk Globe)


Mint Green 36cm Livingstone (glossed)


Mint Green Matte 80cm Galileo – Base : Brisbane in Walnut


80cm Glacial Blue (Featured : Galileo in Walnut)


Glacial Blue (Featured : 36cm Livingstone Desk Globe – Glossed)


Glacial Blue 50cm Albion on London Plane


Aquamarine (Featured : 36cm Albion)



Aquamarine (Featured : 23cm Albion Desk Globe)


Turquoise (Featured : 23cm Albion Desk Globe on Zebrano Base)


Reed Green (Featured : 36 Livingstone glossed & 80cm Curve brighter + matte)


Land-shaded Reed Green 36cm Livingstone


Reed Green Mini Desk Globe on a Standard (Walnut) Base


The 23cm Mini Desk globe in Mint Cassini

217mintgagarin2 217mintgagarin3

Mint Green Cassini (Featured : 36cm Livingstone – MATTE)36livingstone.cherry.mintgagarin5 (1)36livingstone.cherry.mintgagarin4 (1)

Cassini Edition, Mint (Featured : 50cm Britannia in progress – matte – & complete – glossed)

36livingstone.cherry.mintgagarin8 (1)

Cassini Edition, Ochre (Featured : 80cm Galileo


Ochre Albion 36 (matte – 36cm diameter – on Walnut – added personalisation)


Champagne (Featured : 23cm Mini Desk Globe on Brass)


Champagne Glossed (Featured : 36cm Livingstone)


Charcoal (Featured : 23cm Mini Desk Globe on London Plane)


Gagarin (Featured : 23cm Mini Desk Globe on Bubinga)


Gagarin (Featured : 80cm and 23cm Mini Desk Globes on Walnut)


Gagarin (Featured : 36cm Livingstone Desk Globe with a gloss finish)



Sea Green 50cm


Sea Green 50cm Glossed


Bright Deep Mint Green (Featured : 127cm Churchill)


50cm Britannia – idea on size –

50.britannia.galileobase.marineblue9 (1)

Taupe (Featured : Upside Down Curve 80cm diameter)

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-13-38-18 screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-13-38-07

Pistachio (Featured : 23cm Mini Desk GlobeCelestial Cassini (Featured : Albion 36 in Matte on Chestnut)


Mini Desk Globe Bases (can be made in 36cm size+)

Choosing a base for your Mini Desk Globe or Albion Desk Globe….

The “Coppa”, solid heavy copper base. Looks gorgeous with any colour globe.


The “Luminom”, solid Aluminium base, looks great with any colour globe. Also available as an “Albion” slimmer style and in 36cm for a larger globe.

217olivelumin2 copy

The Brass Albion, solid brass base looks great with any colour globe. Available with or without metal feet – pictured without in turquoise.


The Albion in Zebrano, looks great with any colour globe, for people who like something a little wild and different. Also available in 36cm / with our 36cm globes.


The Albion in London Plane. Probably our most popular seller. Locally sourced London Plane wood with a dark stain, this colour makes the globes POP with vibrancy. Looks great with every colour. Also available in 36cm / with our 36cm globes.



The Albion in Bubinga. This base has a reddish hue, can be matched with any colour depending on your taste for contrasting colours! Also available in 36cm / with our 36cm globes.


The Standard Mini Desk Globe. Our first 23cm base, made from solid walnut, it’s classic and traditional, you can’t do wrong. Also available in 36cm / with our 36cm globes.


The Oak Albion pictured with a Celestial Mini Desk Globe


The Brass Albion.

Available with or without feet.


The Zebrano Albion.


The Standard in Walnut and The Luminom.

silver+woodbases woodbases

London Plane, pictured with a 50cm Albion in Ocean Blue & a 23cm Albion in Champagne

50albion.plane.ocean1 50albion.plane.engraving1

We can source any wood, email us for a quote. Below is a one-off “Pippy Oak” base in progress.

Pippy Oak

36cm Prussian Blue Albion beside a 23cm Mini Desk Globe.


The 50cm Britannia next to an Albion 50 : Sea Green



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  1. Amazing, stunning globes. I love the cool blue myself. We need one for our office – I may just go ahead and nab one, thank you so much!

  2. I’m looking for a star field globe ceiling light. I found some beautiful ones at the university of washington library. Do you or anyone else you know make them?
    Mary in Oregon

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