15 Uses For Your Old Maps!

There are so many amazing artists and craftsman out there upcycling old and vintage maps into beautiful re-purposed items. As cartography, geography and travel lovers… here are our top fifteen that we would grace our homes with.

Dig up those old maps that were destined for the bin and give one of these or the many other ideas out there a go, send us your photos and we will post them alongside!

1. Wallpaper it or frame it. You can apply any variety of maps straight to your wall or cut out sections to frame or lay behind the glass of a door..

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2. Cut into shapes ala Personalise.co.uk – makes for a great wedding, house warming or anniversary gift. Heart map <here>

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Personalised-Map-Heart-Print-&-Frame-37 Personalised-Map-Home-Print-&-Frame-36

3. Cufflink it. For the man who has everything or your wedding guests… DIY lesson available < here >

Personalised-Map-Cufflinks-31 original_personalised-vintage-map-cufflinks

4. Cover your notebook or school books… secrets to a carefully covered book <here>

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5. Cover your light switch plate… no more boring white plastic….

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6. Kusadama Globes or Map Flowers. Fold it, layer it or cut it into shapes.

101956201.jpg.rendition.largest Flower 2

7. DIY map shoes. Not sure how they will hold up in the rain but they look amazing!

3dshoes DIY-Map-Shoes

8. Nursery Artwork. We love what Marcelle Crosby has created here, would make for a great present for a fashionista mom-to-be.

foldedpapermapdressital foldedpapermapdresspari

9. DIY Lampshade. Simple way to dress up a drab lamp.

6a00e55224287c8833010535e26aea970b-400wi Map-12-Lamp

Another idea..

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10. Christmas :: Make a Wreath…. or

11. Wrapping Paper.

mapwreath map+wrapping+paper+presents+martha+stewart5B35D

12. World Craft Ornaments. Maps make beautiful decorations for your Christmas Tree, add them inside clear baubles or decoupage over the top of an old ball of any size or shape.

World map ornaments World map ornaments 3

Or Map Feather ornaments…. or even DIY Globe Garlands.

6302860179_af11dc8122 Screen-shot-2011-11-13-at-2.06.47-PM

13. Home decor : mod podge anything from bowls to coasters

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14. Make your own envelopes or tags.

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15. Alternative Christmas trees… atlas Christmas Decoration.. and table top tree.

791c0c9a2ffcce1a94e01f047067a109 original_arctic-map-print-table-top-christmas-tree

Map challenge, are you really good with an Exaco-Knife? Try one of these two out if you are a real craft pro. Moose and ….. Not just for the baby, we want a wearable Dress.

moose 3c0391746df2c8a5abe909eb008af8f1

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