We Love :: Watercolour Maps & Architectural Illustrations by Anne E. McGraw

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Anne E (Summit Ridge Studio) keeps catching our eye, her love of maps shines through on every work of art she creates. She studied architecture and you can see the precision is each print.

Get to Know a Projection: Azimuthal Orthographic


Via Wired Map Lab:

A globe on a two-dimensional screen seems pretty dull compared to map projections that look like armadillos, butterflies, or deconstructed polygons. The azimuthal orthographic

On The Horizon

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Jon laying down the horizon for the handmade globe stand, which is crafted using reclaimed oak and cherry wood.

The Britannia was the first in the Bellerby & Co. collection, and is a beautiful,

This Week in…. Instagram

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1. Daniela and her new Mini Desk Globe "Terra", 2. The Mini Desk Globe in Peters home, 3. Isis working on a Curve for Harrods, 4. The new Mini Celestial Globe.

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This Week In Instagram

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Birthday Globe

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Two nice things happened on Sunday. One.... the sun came out and we were able to catch a tan on Church Street with a nice glass of wine. Two... a lovely family surprised the man of the house with a globe

World of Wanderlust

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Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust came by to check out the studio. Read about her visit and her other adventures around the world here.

"Purchasing a globe is in some ways a right of passage,

PrivatAir, Winter 2014

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Check out the feature on Peter Bellerby in the PrivatAir Winter 2014 magazine, available online and for download here. Photography by Andrew Montgomery.


Forbes Christmas List, Winter 2013

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Thanks Forbes for including us on your 'What You Should Know Winter 2013 / 2014' list in America!

What’s the best way to flatten a globe?

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The Cahill Butterfly (left) and Dymaxion Map (right) projections. Which do you prefer?

We lean towards the world according to Cahill.... it is beautiful and there is practically no distortion along

Today in Instagram……

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Isis finishing up a Galileo and a Churchill. The globe chandelier Peter is working on (we are taking donations of your old plastic light up globes ;)) and Cressida cutting out gores.


We Love :: Google Watercoloured

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Geodata doesn't have to be ugly. Stamen Design’s watercolored maps make Google Maps look flat and tired.

Here you have Watercolour punched through by satellite imagery from MapBox. We watercolour

On The Map…

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Some time ago Peter met up with Simon Garfield who wanted to write a chapter on him in On The Map: Why the world looks the way it does.

Maps fascinate us. They chart our understanding of the world and