On The Horizon

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Jon laying down the horizon for the handmade globe stand, which is crafted using reclaimed oak and cherry wood.

The Britannia was the first in the Bellerby & Co. collection, and is a beautiful,

This Week in…. Instagram

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1. Daniela and her new Mini Desk Globe "Terra", 2. The Mini Desk Globe in Peters home, 3. Isis working on a Curve for Harrods, 4. The new Mini Celestial Globe.

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Birthday Globe

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Two nice things happened on Sunday. One.... the sun came out and we were able to catch a tan on Church Street with a nice glass of wine. Two... a lovely family surprised the man of the house with a globe

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Today in Instagram

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Well the rain has started to pour down and we are all keeping busy to avoid the chill of our beautiful warehouse with its metal roof and drafty windows.

Isis finished painting the detail on a Churchill

Love that spinning sound

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The World Maker : Photos by Anna Huix

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Photos by Anna Huix.