Globe Lamp Installation : Karlsruhe, Germany

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In Karlsruhe, Germany there is currently an installation of illuminated globes above the water at K-Punkt. It looks beautiful! According to the official city Instagram page.... it symbolises the Silk

Ignant (Berlin) Came to Visit…

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See the post here --->

"We've seen and met quite many exciting characters but Peter Bellerby's imperturbable dedication to a forgotten craft

Der Weltkugelmacher

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For our German-speaking friends - be sure and watch us on TM Wissen - a beautifully shot short documentary that recently aired on Servus TV.

Ganz schön mutig ist der britische Geograf Peter Bellerby:

Photos by Clarisse D’Arcimoles

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Photos by the amazing Clarisse D'Arcimoles - Jon and Isis pulling a Sunday shift -




Der Spiegel :: Kleine Welt

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Nice to see this lovely article on Bellerby & Co in Der Spiegel today! Rough translation....

Bellerby's workshop isn't big, but worlds fit inside. They are on the tables and on the floor and