We Love :: Walk Among Worlds

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Installation of 7,000 inflatable beach balls - Maximo Gonzalez
In the installation "Walk among worlds" the artist (Mexico City–based Argentine artist Máximo Gonzáles) explores the effects of light

Der Weltkugelmacher

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For our German-speaking friends - be sure and watch us on TM Wissen - a beautifully shot short documentary that recently aired on Servus TV.

Ganz schön mutig ist der britische Geograf Peter Bellerby:

Bellerby & Co at Home in Africa

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Today we are excited to see photos come through of our Churchill's safe arrival at it's new home in Africa. He has been given pride of place in the grand Billiards Room.

Sirai House is found in the

World of Wanderlust

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Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust came by to check out the studio. Read about her visit and her other adventures around the world here.

"Purchasing a globe is in some ways a right of passage,

Der Spiegel :: Kleine Welt

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Nice to see this lovely article on Bellerby & Co in Der Spiegel today! Rough translation....

Bellerby's workshop isn't big, but worlds fit inside. They are on the tables and on the floor and

Forbes December A-List

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Check us out in the December Issue of Forbes Magazine. We have made the December A-list as 1 of 10 hot-ticket items of the season. Full article coming soon!

Esquire España :: El Mundo Perfecto

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We are excited to we are featured in the December issue of Esquire Spain. Click below to read the article, English version TBA!


Trips and Travellers :: Faena Sphere Buenos Aires

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Lovely article in Faena Sphere Buenos Aires. You can read it in Spanish as well here!


Globo TV Interview

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Did you catch the news story about us on Globo TV?

Well don't despair, we have it HERE!

Brazil's biggest news station came for a visit. A nice interview with Peter in English and then Isis