A Visit To Our Lovely Woodturners

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As we pride ourselves on every bit of our globes being handmade - of course that includes the wood bases and stands. Here is a little look into the fabulous woodturners studio.


Today in Instagram

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Cut from the same cloth….

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We've just collected a Curve base from Aston Martin where they were working on a few of their vintage cars alongside our pieces.
The Curve is a stunning centrepiece designed by the team

Churchill goes for a spin..

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It may come as no surprise but the most difficult globes we make... are the Churchill Globes.

We have been working on a commission for months but it is coming along smoothly so far. Here we are giving

Wired Magazine says we are the coolest..

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Click here to read the article via Wired Magazine.

Big balls around the world…

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Here at Bellerby and Co we make some pretty amazing fifty-inch globes. But we aren't the only ones who like things big. Here are our favourite big balls around the world.
1. Eartha :: the world's largest

Into The Studio with Jamie McGregor Smith

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