New Work With Yinka Shonibare MBE : Globe-Heads

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We made more  bespoke "globe-heads" for recent work by Yinka Shonibare MBE.

Globes by: Bellerby & Co Globemakers
Ibeji (twins) Riding a Butterfly

Dimensions: 265 x 235 x 105 cm

The Wallace Line: Faunal Boundary

Map of the 'Malay Archipelago' showing position of the Wallace Line. Copyright G. W. Beccaloni.
Map of the 'Malay Archipelago' showing position of the Wallace Line. Copyright G. W. Beccaloni.

Our customers often teach us new things. With great explorers and adventures commissioning globes.. this post is inspired by one addition that has been requested to a bespoke globe just today...


Myth of the flat Earth & World Exlorers Pre 1492 || Today i Found Out


In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue… with a whole lot of maps and information about the very round Earth. Contrary to popular belief, not only did Columbus realize the world was round, so did his

Recent Work with Yinka Shonibare (Updated)

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For a few years now we have been working with Yinka Shonibare (MBE RA), on creating bespoke globes for his artwork.

Over the past decade, Shonibare has become well known for his exploration of colonialism

Today In The Studio :: Working on a 80cm Galileo Hand Painted World Globe

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The Galileo is based on the design of the famous Blaeu globe, our modern version of the antique masterpiece hosts a up-to-date map with added bespoke cartography, it is available in the traditional Terrestrial

New Marble Bases for Mini Desk Globes

Collaborating with Ahsayane Studio on beautiful solid marble bases…. first two are for the Mini Desk Globes… larger ones in the works! Yet to be named or posted on our website, email for more information or call + 44(0) 20 8800 7235. Personalisation on the white marble will be optional and can be styled differently. Both base have semi-hidden ball bearings which allow for a 360 degree spin.

Dark Marble Charcoal Grey Small Desk Globe Bellerby and Co Globemakers


Bellerby and Co Globemakers Marble Base Desk Globe

Bellerby and Co Globemakers Marble Base Desk Globe

Bellerby and Co Globemakers Marble Base Desk Globe

Bellerby and Co Globemakers Marble Base Desk Globe

Bellerby and Co Globemakers Marble Base Desk Globe

Bellerby and Co Globemakers White Marble Base Desk Globe

Bellerby and Co Globemakers White Marble Base Desk Globe

Cats Love Globes, You Should Too

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Here we bring together the internets largest collection of "Globe & Cat" photos in the world! All images found on Instagram and are credited at the bottom of the post. To send us your

We Love :: Watercolour Maps & Architectural Illustrations by Anne E. McGraw

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Anne E (Summit Ridge Studio) keeps catching our eye, her love of maps shines through on every work of art she creates. She studied architecture and you can see the precision is each print.

This MONTH In Instagram…

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Graham Hughes Photoshoot

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British adventurer, filmmaker, and television presenter Graham David Hughes recently visited the studio to take some photos for Frankie Magazine. He is a Guinness World Records holder for visiting all

We Love.. The World According to Matthew Picton

Matthew Picton is a British-born artist living in Oregon, USA. His work is influenced by cartography and the inherent beauty of lines and forms that arise from natural topography and built environments. His series of ‘City Sculptures’ look at the organism of the city as an entity which has been shaped by social, political, economic and topographic factors, illustrating a systemic pattern of human civilisation. He explores roads at the micro level, tracing miniature byways in cracked sidewalks and alleys.

A continuous visual narrative of a city’s transformation, his sculptures are layers of history, documenting their early beginnings and depicting their contemporary state, expanding beyond their original forms. Meticulously built by hand from individual strips of paper, each sculpture is more than a mere three-dimensional city map. Picton tries to emphasise a city’s distinct and unique personality. Several of his maps depict cities such as Venice, London, Las Vegas or Moscow before and after a war of natural disaster, using charred or crumbled paper – via Design Boom.

London Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 13.11.19Jesusalem Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 13.00.37

Saint Petersburg Jerusalem detail

Top : London & Portland, Middle : Jerusalem & San Francisco, Bottom : St Petersburg & Jerusalem

Check out more of his work via his website HERE.

On The Horizon

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Jon laying down the horizon for the handmade globe stand, which is crafted using reclaimed oak and cherry wood.

The Britannia was the first in the Bellerby & Co. collection, and is a beautiful,

This Week in…. Instagram

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1. Daniela and her new Mini Desk Globe "Terra", 2. The Mini Desk Globe in Peters home, 3. Isis working on a Curve for Harrods, 4. The new Mini Celestial Globe.

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Birthday Globe

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Two nice things happened on Sunday. One.... the sun came out and we were able to catch a tan on Church Street with a nice glass of wine. Two... a lovely family surprised the man of the house with a globe

Global Picks :: World Book Day

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In honour of World Book Day... here are our top picks for 2014.

1. On The Map : Why The World Looks The Way It Does

From the early sketches of philosophers and explorers through to Google Maps

Exactly why we made an ‘upside-down globe’

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Or shall we say... 'right-side up globe' -

[caption id="attachment_1539" align="alignnone" width="300"] Earth seen from Apollo 17[/caption]

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This Week…. in Instagram

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PrivatAir, Winter 2014

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Check out the feature on Peter Bellerby in the PrivatAir Winter 2014 magazine, available online and for download here. Photography by Andrew Montgomery.


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