A few kind words...

"I just wanted to say I got the Globe and I am absolutely delighted with it. It is going to sit at home for a week or so - the family needs to get their fill of it - and then I will transfer it to my desk at work. My partners are so impressed a couple want to get one made for themselves.

Thank you once again for all your help - and you patience in dealing with my many customisation. I think it has all worked out just as I wanted. Subtle illustrations that are particularly meaningful for me."

- R.M., Bangalore, India, April 2017

"The globe arrived yesterday. It looks just great, very nice and it will occupy a special place in my house. Thanks very much for your excellent work!

- M.C., Gaienhofen, Germany, April 2017

"The globe looks splendid to me, though no doubt it will be some time before I examine every detail. Thank you personally for all your help and advice in what seems to have achieved a most acceptable outcome."

- R.B., Dunblane, Perthshire, UK, April 2017

"Jade, you will all be pleased to know that the handover of the globe occurred, to the very great satisfaction of all! Thank you for all the help, and best wishes to the globemasters!"

- J.M., Surrey, UK, April 2017

"My thanks to you and the entire Bellerby team for creating a work of art that will be a family heirloom enjoyed by all of us for years to come. It was a pleasure to work with you!"

- G.K., Santa Monica, CA, USA, April 2017

"The globe came in today safe and sound. It is wonderful and I couldn't be more appreciative of what you all do. I know that my fiance will love it when it is given to her on our wedding day. It will be something we will both cherish and an heirloom i'm sure our future children will fight over one day. Thanks to you and everyone at Bellerby!"

- J.L., St. Louis MO, April 2017

"The globe has arrived safely! 

Thank you so much-we love it! It was so interesting seeing how it was made as well and the care and attention that has gone into it."

- C.C., Burghclere, UK, April 2017

"Just a quick note to let you know that the globe has arrived!  R. is thrilled with it, he has been studying it all evening.  

Please thank everyone who worked on the globe for us, we really appreciate their craftsmanship."

- P.N., Los Altos Hills, CA, USA, April 2017

"The long awaited mysterious package finally arrived this afternoon….a heavy white courier box, and inside, a smart black and aluminium carry case like the one’s used by roadies to take equipment. Intrigue is still building…then, to open and see an finely crafted globe, so beautifully painted like a matt watercolour, nestled inside the foam casing: WOW!

I lifted it out (has a very solid weight to it) and placed it on the sleek aluminium base and saw the touching inscription you wrote at the bottom. It glides, in a very pleasing way, on the smooth ball bearings so the world can be placed in whatever orientation you like.

Hands down, the most unique gift we have ever received, and one we will treasure forever. The artisanal nature of this object touches me further, and now, having looked up the company and watched their video, a whole new dimension is revealed to me of the love and passion behind this one man’s quest for excellence in this craft."

- R & M., B., Mosman, NSW, Australia, March 2017

"The globe is the new star in our house"

- M.H., Wilson, Wyoming, USA, March 2017

"We received the globe just now and it is beautiful. Thanks again for everything and thanks to all your artisans for something we'll cherish forever."

- M.R., Shanghai, China, March 2017

"We received the globe, my dad loves it!! Thank you so much for all your hard work."

- A. DF., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, March 2017

"It's a beautiful globe. I'm surprised how heavy it it. Everything balanced out wonderfully. Couldn't be happier."

- D.D., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA, March 2017

"Globe arrived safe and sound this afternoon.  It looks great. Thanks you for working with me the past 5 months.  You were terrific."

- M.H., Longboat Key, Florida, USA, February 2017

"My globe arrived today! These are exquisite and worth the wait. Wow."

- R.B., Seattle, Washington, United States, February 2017

"It was lovely to meet you and Peter this morning and to see the studio and the guys working on the globes. We got at least some insight into how much hard work, dedication and skill that goes into each globe. They really are works of art.

We have just unpacked ours and put it in place in the lounge. It looks stunning. P. has taken  the magnifying glass out and the detail in the illustrations is amazing.

I said to Peter that I have always wanted a globe since I was a  child and loved going into Stanfords in Covent Garden to look at them but was so disappointed with them when I went there last year.  Now we have one that is truly wonderful and that tells a story. I can't stop smiling"

- P & D. F., Essex, UK, February 2017

"It (the globe) arrived safe and sound this morning and is even more stunning than we expected!!

Once again, thank you for all of your help and the team's brilliant work."

- I.C., Stevenage, UK, February 2017

"Thanks for the tips and advice! The globe arrived today, and looks great. :) And once again, thank you for all your guidance and work on this project. "

- D.S., Toronto, Canada, February 2017

"The globe arrived safely and she absolutely adores it! Thank you and the whole team for the beautiful work, I'm sure it won't be our last!"

- Milwaukee, WI, USA, January 2017

"Good afternoon, I have received the globe in perfect condition, it is a work of art!! thank you for collaborating in this dream. Un abrazo."

- Astorga, Leon, Spain, January 2017

"The packaging is almost as impressive as the globe. Love it! But now wishing I had sized up. I’m looking for opportunities to gift it and then get a larger one.  ;-)"

- P.T., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, January 2017

"Just a quick note to let you know that I opened the globe on Christmas morning and it could have not possibly have been more perfect.  It now sits in a place of honour at the centre of our enormous dining table and is absolutely STUNNING.  Thank you all so much for your beautiful work!!

Please give our regards to everyone involved in the making of such a stunning work of art.  Thank you all again!"

- B & E. H., Mullaloo WA, Australia, December 2016

"The globe arrived today, and I just now brought it home (I actually picked it up at DHL) and set it down. Simply beautiful, stunning, a work of art. Just in time for New Years as well, at which time there will be a grand unveiling for “VIP” guests, including geographers, political scientists, etc."

- C.S., Highland Park, Illinois, USA, December 2016

"The mystery package has arrived! Omg what a fantastic gift! P. and I absolutely love the globe. "

- P.C., Fircrest, WA, USA, December 2016

"This hand made globe from Bellerby is pretty incredible and I like the subtle inscription of our core values. Very thoughtful, Thank you! And the box is bad ass."

- E.Z., Seattle, Washington, December 2016

"I cried! It is gorgeous. Please thank the team for me. It is the best gift i've ever received -- ever."

- AV.F., CA, USA, December 2016

"It's AMAZING! Thank you so much. A huge hit. This is so beautiful! Neither of us can believe it."

"Now that i have one of their globes sitting right next to me, I can confirm that Bellerby Globemakers globes' are even more amazing in person than they are in pictures."

- Y.Z., Mountain View, CA, USA, December 2016

"R. and I would just like to say thank you so much to the entire team for producing such a beautifully crafted and unique globe.  We love all the added information of the current world, and R. is very pleased with the illustrations and engraving as requested.  A wonderful piece of furniture to be cherished by us and hopefully future generations of our family."

- R & A, W., Hertfordshire, England, UK, December 2016

"Thank you so much, the globe is absolutely everything I had hoped for. My wife was over the moon with it, as was I! We've moved all the furniture around to make a good space for it! The illustrations are incredible and the overall look is truly perfect. I cannot thank you enough for being so accommodating and for delivering such an incredible item."

- T.M., UK, November 2016

"I regret it has taken me so long to get an email to you.  I wanted to let you know that the beautiful globe arrived safely and was lovingly received.  Thank you for all you did to support a wonderful gift / lifelong dream to own a globe.  M. has asked me to pass on his heartfelt gratitude to all at Bellerby and Co. He wanted you all to be sure that he understands the artistry, the vision of the company, the team approach, the connection with history and artisan products, the belief.  We cannot thank you enough."

- A.C., South Brisbane, Australia, November 2016

"I'm getting a constant feed of photos and little notes from T. as she's spinning the globe and finding one little drawing after another... and noticing that they all have meaning... and understanding the meaning immediately as she finds them.

Thank you all so so so so much for helping us put together such a deeply touching and special gift that will last a lifetime.

It was such an ease and pleasure to work with you all, and I hope we get the opportunity to be return customers in the future! With much love and gratitude."

- K.M., New York City, NY, USA, November 2016

"Your company just finished a globe for my son. I wanted to thank you and your company for all your help, professionalism and the beautiful job you did. K. showed us the photos you sent him. The finished globe is fantastic! I'm so proud of him for having the idea and researching to find your company which brought it to fruition. He told me how great it was to work with you. He appreciated bouncing ideas back and forth, and said that you gladly made any changes he wanted. We are all very impressed with everyone at Bellerby and hope to have occasion to do business with you again some day! Thanks again.

- S.M., New York City, NY, USA, November 2016

"I just wanted to let you know the globe arrived in good condition and it is beautiful. Our children love it and have had great fun examining the world and finding out special places. Thank you for such wonderful craftsmanship."

- S.V., Hillsborough, CA, USA, November 2016

"I came home from work today to find that my wedding present had arrived from my wonderful husband. I was very intrigued.

I can honestly say that I have never seen something as beautiful nor as wonderful as my new globe. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and special item for me. Rest assured I am going to love and cherish it forever."

- L.G. - Tyne & Wear, UK, November 2016

"We did indeed receive the globe, and my dad absolutely loves it! Thank you again for your tremendous help here - we really appreciate it!"

- J.S., Piedmont, CA, November 2016

"Have it and LOVE it! Thanks to all."

- A.J., NYC, New York, USA, November 2016

"It's perfect!"

- N.G., New York City, NY, USA, November 2016

"It arrived perfectly the day before yesterday! 

Despite wanting nothing more than to bust it open, I decided to restrain myself, although Brett did open it to make sure everything arrived safely.  He said it was ‘freaking amazing’, so that sounds pretty good to me!

I will definitely send you guys some pics when we open it for real next month.  CAN NOT WAIT!

Thank you again, Jade!  You have been fabulous to work with :)"

- E & B. H., Mullaloo WA, Australia, October 2016

"It arrived without issue and I must say it is beyond anything I could have ever expected. I can tell you that my friend is going to be in complete shock when she sees it. Thank you for all of your help and please pass along my greatest thanks to your team.  They did amazing work. "

- A.S., Fairfield, OH, USA, October 2016

"It arrived safe and sound. Stunning in the most stunning shipping crate I have ever seen."

- R.A., Atlanta, Georgia, USA, October 2016

"A thing of true beauty! Globe - for that’s her new (!) name - now sits overlooking Central Park.  Please do send my admiration to all involved in making her look so splendid."

- J.M., New York City, New York, October 2016

"It is quite beautiful and everything that I hoped for. Thanks to you and your associates for the care you took in making it."

- J.T., New York City, New York, October 2016

"the globe arrived here and looks beautifully."

- Dr. M.V., Munich, Germany, October 2016

"Luckily I was at work today when the globe landed! It is absolutely amazing - bigger than I thought. Truly exquisite. I have no doubt that D will love it. I am very excited about it! I will let you know what he thinks when it is presented. I for one cant wait and wish the globe was mine.."

- K.M., Southampton, Hampshire, UK, September 2016

"A stunning globe!  Thank you so much, the globe was definitely worth waiting for!"

-R.I., London, England, September 2016

"D loves his globe and is proudly displaying it is his office. It's simply beautiful!
Thanks so much for all of your help!"

- J.B., New York, New York, USA, September 2016

"Many of the 700 people {at the party} came up to have a close look at it in the box and were mightily impressed, especially with the personalised aspects. G's wife volunteered to me that the colour was perfect, 'much better than blue' and would match anything in their home. So we got that right and I thank you again for your good advice in that regard! And they loved the plane."

- A.D., Sydney, Australia, September 2016

"It is even more magnificent than I expected. I showed DG and a small number of close colleagues this evening, who were all ecstatic about it. We love the choice of colour and shading, and of course the small plane. There is no doubt the retiring G will love it when we present it at the farewell staff function next Thursday afternoon. It is a wonderfully beautiful work of art with fabulous fine detail all over the globe. He will enjoy finding all the places he visited in claret.

Thanks to you and your team for a special gift for us to present and also for all your many emails and quick responses to my numerous queries over the past few months. Bellerby & Co is clearly a terrific place to work and be part of. I would love to buy one of these for myself one day – perhaps a future Father’s Day gift (I’ll speak to my kids about it)."

- A.D., Sydney, Australia, September 2016

"Globe is terrific - my son is very excited and it truly will be something he will keep forever as well as a fun and educational tool (nice to have something that is not a computer etc).

I haven't been back so haven't seen it in person - but I understand the delivery process was simple and the packaging was excellent (and will be put to good use too).

Thank you Jade to you and your team for helping us with this project. The entire episode was interesting, engaging and fun and well worth the wait."

-R.H., Malvern East, Australia, September 2016

"The globe has arrived in perfect condition and I was very impressed. To hold the globe in my hands – it is a great work and very nice feeling."

- H.B., Hockenheim, Germany, September 2016

"The accuracy is unparalleled!"

- M.S., Los Angeles, California, August 2016

"Awesome, awesome, really awesome.  Thanks for making this dream of a special gift a reality.  She was amazed and tearful so I think we accomplished the task!  The photo of the team and the bespoke card and information was, shall I repeat awesome."

- S.R.,Quincy, Illinois, August 2016

"Well! He loved it.  Even though I knew the size, it is LARGE in person.  So thankful we had double doors and a big library.

I also bought a beautiful magnifying glass to have near by so he can search and find all the custom illustrations.  It was definitely a hit with the whole family and a very unique gift for the man who is hard to buy for. "

- K.R., Memphis, TN, USA, August 2016 (80cm Galileo)

"S. is delighted. Congratulations and thanks to all involved in producing this charming globe.

It fits well on the chestnut table in the map room of our home."

- JD.W., Genova, Italy, July 2016

"My husband loved the globe! It was just perfect. I'm excited to tell {my daughter} when she gets older that we got the globe right when we got her. :)"

- L.H., Maryland, USA, July 2016

"I received my globe yesterday without any problems !

I like this globe and it's wonderful as expected."

- J.K., Seoul. Korea, July 2016

"Just to let you know the globe has been arrived with us today. It is so perfect and we are definitely satisfied about it! Many thanks for your kind efforts."

- Y.Z.H., Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, June 2016

"It is more beautiful than I could have imagined! Thank you so much for all of your help and hopefully in a few years I can get a larger one for our new home!"

- J.H., Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, June 2016

"The globe arrived today, and it's GORGEOUS! Everything about it is pretty amazing. I cannot believe how much detail there is on those tiny little illustrations! And the case that it arrived in is about the coolest thing ever. Please thank everyone for the amazing work! My travel bucket list will undoubtedly grow now. I must start saving now so that I can buy the 36 or 50 cm next ;-)! You have been a pleasure to work with- thank you for all of your work in coordinating this order and for sharing the outstanding work of Bellerby Globemakers on social media.

Cheers to all at Bellerby!

- C.H.E., Colorado, USA, June 2016

"It is absolutely stunning. The Globe is wonderful, informative and a work of art. I am sure it will proved many years of enjoyment to us and when passed down as a family heirloom.

The Zebrano base will complement the other Zebrano pieces we have and I am looking forward to presenting it to my wife on our 30th Wedding Anniversary later this year (reluctantly the globe is packed away again for the next 3 months).

Thanks to you and all you team and I wish you every success in the future."

- R.B., Derbyshire, UK, June 2016

"The globe arrived safely. We both love it - you all do brilliant work! The illustrations are perfect, the color is perfect. We are both very happy with it."

- J.A-H., Brooklyn, NY, June 2016

"The globe is beautiful and I like it a lot!"

- N.W., Hong Kong, June 2016

"[my son] loves his Bellerby globe, exquisite! Many thanks for your help, with best regards"

- S.P., Scarcroft, Leeds, UK, June 2016

"It arrived this afternoon, it's amazing!!"

- F.O., La Coruña, Spain, June 2016

"Thank you so much for the wonderful globe! My husband was absolutely blown away. He had no idea and was absolutely gobsmacked when he saw it."

- A.B., Brussels, Belgium, May 2016

"We received both globes and they are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you!" 

- B.T., Singapore, May 2016

"My husband is delighted with the globe - he was completely taken aback when he saw it - thank you all so much."

"Stunning gift from our family to my husband who has always loved globes - it was a privilege to meet the team working on his globe; the personalisation worked splendidly. Thank you all."

C.F., Yorkshire, England, May 2016

"Just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with the globe - well worth the wait! It's so special, thank you so much."

- C.B., Sussex, England, May 2016

"It's absolutely beautiful!!! Kevin loves it :-) You've probably seen his Instagram post.

It's a real piece of art and I'm very happy about colour and the London Plane base. I think it looks great together :-)

Thank you so much for all your help and advice!"

- G.D.P., Perth, Scotland, May 2016

" The globe arrived safe and sound and it's even better than we thought it would be. So many, many thanks."

- K.N., Hong Kong, May 2016

"Thank you J- and I both love the globe!"

- L.S., Chicago, Illinois, May 2016

"The globe arrived safely and has become a favourite in our home already. 

It is beautiful.  The care and craft that has gone into it is inspiring. Even the shipping box is arresting. We are very happy.”

- G.B., Sydney, Australia, April 2016

"Kirsty, the globe is beautiful!! And a perfect complement... Thank you very much!! :)"

- D.U., San Anselmo, CA, USA, Feb & April 2016 (Celestial & Terrestrial)

“Thank you  so much for the delivery which was just on time. And the bespoke box looked great.

My friend is very happy with this beautiful present and the hint to his place of birth.

I think he has become a fan of Bellerby globes rightaway.

Where ever it make sense I will recommend your company. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

- M.B., Hamburg, Germany, April 2016

"We have received and placed our wonderful globe that you and your artisans so carefully crafted.  It is magnificent and we love it.  Thank you for your hard and expert work, and please extend to your team our gratitude.  It is the stately centerpiece of our map room, which also contains original maps by Mercator, Herman Moll, Aaron and John Arrowsmith and George Vancouver.  I have attached a few photos of the situation, but none do it justice.  We admire your globe constantly and are proud stewards of this precious heirloom.

Many thanks for engraving the base so handsomely and for your careful packaging.  It made the trip to the Wild West Coast unscathed. 

We look forward to further association with Bellerby & Company.  I'm sure we'll have another project!”

-T.P., Vancouver, Canada, April 2016

"I am pleased to report that the globe was delivered today.  It's spectacular.  Thanks very much. “ 

-B.E., New York City, New York, USA, April 2016

“Just received the globe at my door and opened it up to get a sneak peak before I give to my husband.  I want to thank you because it is one of the best gifts I think I have ever given and certainly the most beautiful!”

- M.S., Naples, Florida, USA, March 2016

"I've received the globe last Friday, it is wonderful as i expected, and I'm planning to send it to my friend tomorrow, thanks for your help again! I'll purchase another one for myself next month!"

- Feng, Shanghai, China, March, 2016

"We received the globe and the intricate detailing is beyond what I could have imagined. It's really admirable at how all of you are keeping the craft alive.”

Meitha, February 2016

"Magnificent! You must be so proud of your creation. Congratulations to you and your team. I expect you have heard all the plaudits but without doubt they are well deserved.”

- D.R., Banbury, UK, February 2016

"I have received my globe.I am delighted with the workmanship and the presentation.This work of art will be around the family for generations.”

- R.N., New York City, New York, USA, January 2016

" I have just received the globe. I don't have words to tell you how I felt when I saw it. It is absolutely perfect, it is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. 

Thank you so much for doing these globes in this way, it is easy to see how much all the team loves what they are doing.

Congratulations and thank you very much. It was a pleasure all the experience with you and the rest of the people. “

- L.L., Argentina, December 2015

"The globe arrived and it is such a gorgeous work of art, we have all been staring at it in awe all day!  We are so lucky to have such an amazing piece, it makes the house!” 

- A.F., Hawaii, October 2015

I received my Globe the other day!!! It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (except my new 4 month old twins girls) and I feel VERY VERY lucky! I love the details, the colour and the fact I  can put it on  my chest of drawers, away from little people!!! Thank you so much....I'm so happy I saw your video just over a year ago!

- S.C. Scotland Nov 2015

"Dear peter,  I am speechless...this is the most beatifull piece I've ever bought in my life!  Marvellous‎ andd magical, both the box with mysterious allure and the splendid globe inside! I will recontact you later, when my husband receives it.  Thank you, thank you so much!  All the best,"

- A P- Switzerland June 2015

"The globe is a 300% success, much more than expected, thank you very very much. It is indeed a piece of art and we appreciate very much.”
- M S-W, June 2015 

“The globe has arrived. I am overwhelmed. I have never seen such a beautiful globe. Many thanks. I am very grateful for your efforts.”

- A D-G, June 2015 

"It's a fantastic piece of work. I really can't describe how spectacular it looks and the craftmanship can be seen throughout. I hadn't appreciated the weight...it really does feel like a sturdy object.”
- K F, June 2015
“Just a quick note to say how thrilled we were with the globe - exquisite.  We really liked the new colour.  My father-in-law was delighted with it and captivated by the craftsmanship and attention to detail, he was also very impressed with the flight case!”
-S W, May 2015
"Just to let you know that my globe has arrived safely and looks fantastic. To say I am thrilled is an understatement. I cannot wait to give it to my husband next week!”
- K W, December 2014
"Your beautiful, beautiful globe has just arrived and I could not be more delighted. The whole experience - the weight, the box, lifting it out, the way in which she moves on the base. Wow. It is interesting to note, that in a world of disposable 'stuff', never before has quality and craftsmanship stood for so very much. Please pass on my thanks to your team. You should all feel enormous pride in what you achieve.”
- S W, Nov 2014
"My son commissioned a Globe for me which arrived recently and i LOVE it!”
- G G-O, Nov 2014
"It is awesome.  It is even bigger than I imagined so I need to find a different (prominent) place to display it.  Good work.”
- J K, Oct 2014
"Arran was delighted with the globe, but I confess he almost had to wrestle it out of my hands!! A thing of true beauty… Thank you so much.”
- A B, Sept 2014
"Let me again compliment you for really creating something that has the same kind of addictive quality as an Apple product; this thing practically forces me to constantly spin it. It's really cool that somebody bothers to keep alive artisan skills like this, updated to the modern world -- I have been wanting a globe for a long time, but they're either all antiques or mass-produced junk, like you yourself noticed. As a software "craftsman" whose products are all abstract but where quality requirements are stringent, I just love something this tangible. "
- N.E, Finland
"The photos on the website do your Globes no justice, beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  Thanks a bunch."
N.P, New York, USA

"My globe arrived, I am thrilled with it, a superb piece of craftmanship."

C.H, Bristol, UK

"The thanks are due on my side also for such a splendid present. It isn't often that I am given a present that I like the look of, can make use of, and don't already have. Well you did it on all three counts, and I am very grateful. "

L. R, New York

"Arrived safe and sound and it's very beautiful. Thanks!"

H.R, Colorado, USA

"I got home last Friday night in time for the Olympic opening ceremony and I also saw my beautiful Bellerby globe! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much and I am so, so proud to own one of your globes."

F. A Hampstead, London, UK

"Globe received with many thanks. It`s beautiful, and has already received admiring glances from colleagues, as well as an admiring fondling from my office managing partner Marc (I wouldn`t be surprised if he decides to order one also!)... for those less interested in the cartography, the flight case went down extremely well too!"

M.A, Hong Kong

"I received both globes this week and they are absolutely spectacular. Thank you so much for crafting such beautiful objects...you are a true artist. Thank you again, my friend. Really fantastic and exactly what I needed to commemorate seven continents! Could not imagine anything more perfect."

C.H, New York

"My globe has arrived! Thank you very much, it is beautiful! Such a nice Christmas present for - me!"

K.I, Finland

"Hi ! Just home , i am very happy to discover the globe , i can just say , well done !!! "

R.P, Paris, France

"Dear Peter, Thank you very much.  I have received the globe today and it looks lovely.  All ready for Christmas."

- A.V, London, UK

"Hi Peter, I received the globe on Friday, 23rd Dec...just in time! My husband loved it! Thank you very much. Happy New Year!"

- J.N, Massachusetts, USA

"I am currently gazing in considerable awe at the globe upon my desk. It is a thing of rare beauty."

R.E, London, UK

"Since having a chance to look at my new globe some more, and appreciate it in its new surroundings, I have to say I am delighted with it now even more than when you left it with me. It is a tremendous work of craftsmanship and a real gem."

D.E, London, UK

"The globe has arrived safely and really is very beautiful...the font you used on the globe is very good too-even the smallest words are clearly legible. I`ve been looking for a globe like this for 20 years!"

S.K, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I can't tell you how delighted I am with this beautiful, beautiful thing that has come to live with me! In short, I'm absolutely delighted. It's more beautiful in person (so to speak) than I'd imagined!"

- E.E, Australia

"Thank you for delivering the globe yesterday, It’s quite fantastic."

- F.D, Somerset, UK

"Just to say how delighted we are with our globe which we received last week.It is a "thing of beauty and a joy for ever"
- M. & T,W, Berkshire, UK
"The Globe arrived safely yesterday. It is stunning. The detail, the colour, everything is beyond expectation." 
- I-H. D-S, Bath, UK
"I received the globe...it's fantastic, better than I had imagined."
-B. M, Eire

"Thank you so much for your help on this one. Our client was simply overjoyed with the globe - it could not have gone better which is a considerable feat. If you ever need anything from us please don't hesitate to ask - we owe you one."

- R. H, London